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Vertego Support Solutions was formed because it was believed that a significant number of computer users, either smaller businesses or home users, are left without help with their computer systems. Those users have no obvious place to turn or don't want to get tied into long-term or costly support contracts. Many simply do not have the expertise to support themselves when it comes to IT matters.

While working for over 20 years in a variety of companies, I have helped to specify completely new computer solutions, identified and helped to install replacement systems and also supported those systems, and their users, on a day-to-day basis.

In addition I have written in-house training materials from scratch where none was available from the developer, or to replace or supplement the so-called online help of systems where it was unclear, unhelpful or just plain missing.

During the course of my previous roles I have developed job-specific applications, or optimised in-built functionality to maximise workflow and hence productivity (and therefore profitability).

I considered that all of this experience could be put to good use in supporting and finding solutions for those computer users who find themselves lacking when it comes to IT.

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