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Vertego Support Solutions recognises that computer users at home differ from those in business environments, and that home users may find it more difficult to find help if things go wrong, or if you just don't know how to get your computer to do what you want.

Computers are much cheaper to buy now. You can even buy them from your local supermarket. What you often don't get when you hand over your money is after-sales support, except if it breaks under warranty when you simply told to ring the manufacturers. Even high-street computer superstores might not want to know after you have parted with your cash, unless they can sell you something else.

Vertego Support Solutions does not sell computer hardware or software, but can assist in identifying and/or sourcing items to meet your needs, with impartial advice.

Want to upgrade but unsure what you need or how to go about it? Want to know how to start using email? Want to know how to create a personal letterhead? Want to know what printer is right for your needs? These are typical questions that Vertego Support Solutions can help with.

Operating throughout North Hampshire and surrounding areas, Vertego Support Solutions can come to you - when it's convenient to you.

If you have an immediate request  for assistance, please submit details by following the link to the enquiry form below.

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No matter how daft a question might seem, don't be afraid to ask. It's sure to have arisen previously.


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